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New Patients

Hand shakeA Casual Office Atmosphere

We are very proud of our low-key and casual office that will make your experience feel easy and relaxing. Many patients even say that our office does not feel like a typical doctor’s office, but it is much more comfortable.

For new patients, we utilize a two-visit process.

Your First Visit

At your first visit to Bluffs Family Chiropractic, you will receive a full examination, complete with Insight scans and on-sight x-rays if necessary.  After the examination, if appropriate you will receive your initial adjustment as well. This will be your longest appointment, still taking just 30 minutes, so that it is easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Your Second Visit

At your second visit, Dr. Ty will deliver your report. You will then talk through and decide on a care plan together including frequency and number of visits and all financial information. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about chiropractic care in general, and how your care plan will contribute to increasing your overall wellness. After agreeing on a plan, you will receive your second adjustment and set up future appointments for your convenience.

This appointment typically lasts about 15 minutes.

Easy and Quick Regular Appointments

Every appointment following your two step new patient initiation process can simply be an adjustment. These appointments typically last just 5-10 minutes, making integrating chiropractic care into your schedule easy and convenient.

Continuous Education

Dr. Ty believes that it is important that all of his patients be adequately educated on chiropractic care. He strives to ensure this by providing literature about chiropractic at your first two appointments.

Additionally, Dr. Ty loves taking part in your education by simply having conversations with patients and answering any questions you may have. For those who are interested in furthering their knowledge on chiropractic care, Dr. Ty also holds Perfect Storm workshops quarterly. These workshops focus on the how chiropractic care can contribute to a care plan for children with ADHD, anxiety, or other sensory challenges.

Get started with your first appointment today!

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