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About Us

Dr. Ty and his family The Bluffs Family Chiropractic Philosophy

We believe that chiropractic care can play a crucial role in living their fullest life.

Our goal is always to help our patients experience optimum health so that they can live without limits. To achieve this goal, we assess how stress affects the body, spine and nervous system, in order to remove any interference. This allows the body to function as it was designed.

We are focused on elevating your whole family’s health. Bluffs Family Chiropractic is a place where your whole family can come together to ensure that their bodies are functioning at the highest level.

Cutting Edge Technology

What sets us apart from other chiropractors in the area is the fact that we utilize the Insight Scanning Technology. This technology allows us to assess how stress is affecting your spine, nervous system, and overall health more accurately and efficiently.

We utilize the results from this system to construct your customized care plan, in order to help you achieve your health goals!

A Chiropractor for the Whole Family

We love being able to provide care for the entire family! Many patients say that they love coming to Bluffs Family Chiropractic because it does not feel like a typical doctor’s office.

At every appointment, we care not just about examinations and adjustments, but about making a personal connection with every patient as well.

Get Started Today

Ready to learn more about how you can restore your health, naturally? We’d love to meet you and your family. Get started today by contacting us for an appointment.

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